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January 16, 2013
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One hour. That was how long I gave (name) before I went looking for her. I left Thor in the library, letting him read over the rest of the book she had found in silence. My feet moved silently over the floors, barely making a sound through the nearly empty halls, only the subtle clinks of my armor giving me away. My eyes scanned the walls and doors attentively, making sure that if anyone rounded the corner I would not collide with them. I checked my own chambers first, finding it completely empty, poking my head out the window and letting my eyes wander across the various flowers, in search of one particular (hair color) haired girl.
When I didn't find her there I shook my head, finding that looking through the whole palace for (name) was much too tedious and time consuming, so I tried to reach her with my mind, letting my eyes flutter closed briefly before they snapped back open, a sharp jab of discomfort pushing through my right temple, a deep hiss coming from my throat. My hand came up to my head in a flash, rubbing the soft flesh there slowly with the pads of my fingers.
When the pain subsided I tried again, meeting the same result, cursing under my breath. This hadn't ever happened before, why the hell was it happening now?
I turned quickly on my heel and ran down the hallways to my 'father's' throne room, half convinced that he would know what had happened to my (name).
The doors shot open at my command, and I pushed my way through the tiny group that stood in my way, eyes lit up with angry fire, "What have you done with her?!" I yelled, skin turning the tiniest tinge of blue, eyes taking on a deep scarlet.
Odin cringed back into his throne, as I seemed to tower above him, my form seeming to double in size, eyes glittering with malice.
"To whom?" He asked, without any sort of recognition of (name) in his eyes, playing dumb.
His act made me that much more furious, my feet having their own mind and pounding up the golden staircase, hands slamming down on either side of the Allfather. "Don't play insolent with me, old man, (name), I can't reach her."
"Maybe the demon whore got what she deserved." He smirked.
I yelled out in absolute rage, cursing him a thousand times, pulling him forward by his collar and pressed my face close to his, "She has done nothing wrong, now explain to me why every time I try to reach her pain shoots through my temples!"
Odin brought his hands up to my wrists, pulling them harshly away from his body, the guards pressing closer, weapons at the ready.
By now my body was radiating frost, my eyes a deep, muddy red, skin as blue as the water in the ocean. "I do not know what happened to your toy, Loki, even if I did, why would you think I would tell you?"
I smirked, "Because I would destroy all the nine realms to find her, and I wouldn't hesitate to destroy the very throne you sat on either, 'father'. So believe me when I say, I will stop at nothing to have her back in my arms again."
Odin crossed his arms, "The last time you said something like that Sigyn ended up dead."
I sucked inwards, how dare he bring up Sigyn?
"Do not bring her into this, old man, Sigyn is long gone, and now, there is only one woman I care about. So why don't you help me before I have the need to tear out that other eye?"
Odin sighed and stepped back, "How do you think I could help you, Loki, if I am just as clueless about where she is as you are?"
My mind went blank, but my tongue thought for itself, "You're the king! Surely you would know even if a bale of hay was moved!"
"I am only a ruler, Loki. There is only so much that I can do… Heimdall, ask him. He sees everything." Odin sat back down tiredly, like the little argument we had had tired him out.
I stepped back silently, my skin returning to normal heat and color, eyes going back to the deep emerald color (name) loved so much. I avoided the eyes of the shocked looking nobles, caring not about what they thought about me and why I loved what they called a demon whore.
Heimdall, why had I been so consumed by fury not to think of him first? Of course, I knew Odin had disliked (name) as soon as he met her, even when she was still sleeping. He had only looked at her like she was a bilgesnipe that needed to be executed quickly. But now that I thought of it, why would he waste his time on her rather than let angry nobles and peasants have their way with her?
I rode quickly down to where Heimdall stood, desperate to see if he had seen anything or knew where she had gone.
"Heimdall, do you know what happened to (name)?" I asked almost breathlessly, emerald eyes searching his golden ones.
"(Name)… The last time I saw her was out in the library garden. My own senses failed me, and when I tried to look back on your lover, she was gone. It was like she had fallen from Asgard without my knowing it."
My eyes blurred with unspent tears, how long had it been since I had truly cried over a woman? Too long, I supposed, because the very feeling of letting my tears let loose disgusted me. I turned away from the golden guardian, my voice desperate, "Did you at least see anyone approaching her?"
"Two people," He paused, calling them into memory, "But they were as black as shadows, their clothes, skin, hair, everything about them was black. I cannot tell you any more."
Black hair, Juliette. I clenched my teeth, was the ghost girl involved? A tiny growl escaped my throat, frustrated that I didn't know the answer.
I tried helplessly again to connect with her, mind retracting back into my own as I felt the same thing. What had they done to her? My mind wandered to the possibilities, a passionate rage filling me, eyes flashing the tiniest bit red, turning on my heel I walked quickly back to my horse, mounting her and riding off without another word, an endless stream of thoughts enveloping my mind. This was the second time she had made me helpless, and a trip to Asgard wouldn't help her now.
This  was the time that I felt the true ripping force of fear upon me, and by the gods, did it hurt.


By now you could barely keep your head up, but the pain that had been inflicted in long cuts across your back had subsided to a dull aching sensation that kept you very much awake. Somehow it felt worse than the soul tearing pain that you had felt earlier, and now, that damned blindfold had fallen to the floor, probably the result of your repetitive writhing and thrashing. At least you could see again, but even that didn't do much, the room was dim, and the only light source was from a tiny torch, so burnt down only the embers were keeping it alive. But it seemed that the embers were brighter than you had ever seen, their colors much more brilliant.
Maybe it was just the darkness tricking your eyes into thinking that, but you couldn't help but think about it. You were glad for that though, it took the dull pain away at least somewhat.
You stayed silent, wiggling your fingers, whimpering weakly at the sharp pinch at your wrists as you pulled down just slightly on your wrists. You were sure you were going to have pretty nasty bruises there when you got them down… If you ever got them down.
You then suddenly felt a tiny jolt of shock shiver up your spine, and it filled your head with the most annoying buzzing, and subsided just as quick as it had come on. You shook your head, feeling slightly sick when your vision spun wildly.
Again, you kept wriggling your hands, desperate to make them come free, cursing why your thumb had to have such an annoying joint in the particular place on your hand. Your screams met the raw red of your throat and died there, the only thing escaping your mouth was rapid and forced breaths, like the simple exertion of pulling your hands down from whatever sort of chain they were attached to was a feat for you. You gave up after it became almost too much for you, holding your head upright even though it was hard for you to do so considering your whole body was angled down, your dress tattered around the skirt, front hanging forward, slashed to ribbons in the back, tatters hanging forward with the rest of the dress.
You felt horrible, to say the least.
Your ears perked up as you heard the deep fall of feet as they walked down the hall to where you were being held. A door opened where you couldn't see, creaking on the rusted hinges, banging against stone, footfalls getting louder, until you could see the dark silhouettes coming towards you, eyes shining in the light.
Fear shot though you like lightning as they finally stepped into the light, their faces illuminated in the dim glow of the dying embers, your eyes falling upon a face that you knew was familiar.
Without speaking she curled her lips upwards in a truly evil smile, her eyes twinkling with the triumphant look of a cat cornering a mouse.
Well, at least the blindfold is off.
Heh, but that probably isn't doing much to improve your mood, is it? Nah, wouldn't think so. But, two POV changes in one chapter? DANNNG. (It really isn't all that all caps worthy, but I like over playing things.)

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Odin is such a jerkCURSE YOU!  I really don't like No, I disagree! him at all. I am glad at the end of Thor2 Loki takes over as king. Loki Rules!!!Headbang! #1 
Ryrypawz Sep 27, 2013  Student Digital Artist
if you had a Sherlockxreader...
oh my god the fangirling ratings would be over 9000.

(not that I'm a bisexual, I'm straighter then a straight line.)
EcstasySpirit Sep 27, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you! It really means a lot... <3
(I DO actually have a sherlock x reader. It's a lemon, if you're okay with reading those...… ) *wink wink*

hahaha, I don't know how good I'd be at that.. But I'll try, I'll just have to think of something to write it to.
(Same here. haha)
Ryrypawz Sep 28, 2013  Student Digital Artist
the ratings
ARE over 10000
autumnsky66 Jan 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
It's so sweet and amazing how much Loki cares for Reader :iconloveloveplz:
AngelOfBeauty88 Jan 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm gonna kick someone's ass when this is over...

Though I was curious where Sigyn was in this.
commonchameleon Jan 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Glorious! Ill have another!
commonchameleon Jan 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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