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January 7, 2013
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"Three days, (name), he gave us three days." Loki snarled pacing back and forth in front of them bed in which you had settled on, your legs tucked under yourself, hands braced next to you on the soft mattress.
You kept calm; unsure of where your demeanor had come from, probably just to make Loki calm down, you were doing an awful lot of that lately weren't you? "It's okay, Loki, we'll find a place. After all, I only knew it was a matter of time before I got kicked out anyway."
He shot a tiny glance at you, stopping his movement at once, then continuing again almost like he had never even stopped in the first place, his boots making a hard thump on the ground every time he stepped, "Well, what do you suggest?" He snapped when the room was silent for a about a minute.
You sighed, looking off to the side, "I suggest that you stop worrying so much. Come here and sit down, why don't you? And why don't we go back to earth? You can change into a girl, right? I can just tell them you're sleeping over for a few days!"
Loki came to you with a slight reluctance, sitting next to you as you ran his fingers through his hair, "It could work. I guess, but when I didn't leave after a few days? What would you tell your parents then? That I'm moving in with you?"
You smirked, "We could just go to Stark tower."
Loki scoffed, "I destroyed some of it, I don't think Mr. Stark would be so hospitable to let me stay."
A devious plan flashed up in your mind, "Glamor. I can do that, I did it the other night."
"You naughty little girl, after this morning when you shuddered at the thought of your powers you are now ready to use them on Stark?"
You giggled, "If it comes to that, yes."
Loki wrapped one arm over your shoulders, "Ohh, I love your deviousness."
You patted his chest affectionately, "Let's try my house first, okay? My parents have got to be back by now, and they're probably worried sick."
Loki grunted, "I think not, they will come back when you do, I made sure of that."
"You think of everything, don't you?" You smirked, pulling away to sit in front of him, taking his hands and playing with them, until he grabbed your wrists and pulled you forward and onto his lap, twining his fingers through your hair as you looked up into his eyes.
"Of course I do, my dear." He whispered silkily into your ear, making you shiver all the way down to your toes. You pulled your lips up to his for a kiss, your nerves bursting into flames as his lips touched yours. You loved it when he kissed you like this, his hands cradling your head and his lips almost seeming to dance with yours, tongue parting your lips to caress your own, passion burning inside the two of you letting you both go without air, pulling away only when your need for oxygen was desperate enough to make you want to pass out from the lack of it.
Delightful little shivers ran up and down your spine as you realized that he was hovering over you on all fours, your little heart pattering in your chest as you gazed up at him, pupils dilated.
You also shivered at how lewd your thoughts were at the moment, how much you wanted those elegantly long fingers to coax the almost smothering yards of fabric from your body while your own stripped him of his armor and th-, "AHEM!" A voice called from the doorway.
Oh, your face was red now, it was a good thing that the two of you weren't doing anything that you were thinking of, or you would have just choked on the awkwardness that would have erupted in the air.
Loki rolled off you with a tiny growl in the back of his throat, while you sat up with a growl of your own, face going white when your eyes landed on the golden haired god that you had seen a while ago. He looked a little embarrassed to say the least, the way his hand was rubbing at the back of his neck and his gaze was trained on the window opposite the bed.
Loki stared down his brother, "I heard what father had said…" Thor murmured, folding his arms over his chest.
Loki nodded silently, still glaring at Thor, "And you came here to help us, yes? Although it is much accepted, I fear that (name) and I have already figured out what to do."
Thor looked over at Loki, a blonde eyebrow raised in question, "And what is that? Will you try to seek out refuge in Midgard, somewhere that you can pretend to be safe with her? I fear that a succubus such as herself wouldn't be able to live in a realm like that, not without being locked up in her room all day to avoid temptation. Loki, she has no place on a mortal realm anymore, not at least until she learns how to control herself."
It was your turn to glare at Thor now, "You're just like everyone else, aren't you? Suspecting that I'm a danger to anyone that I come in contact with? Do you think I'm an untamable monster? Is that what I am to any of you?" Your voice was soft, but it packed a punch, and Thor winced visibly at your words.
"Not at all, my lady. You have little to no control over your powers as is, we wouldn't want you to hurt anyone else until you can do it painlessly."
"P-painlessly? You're saying this isn't just a one-time thing? That I'll have to feed like some sort of soul sucking vampire?" You breathed. Of course, you had known you would have to do it again, but not so often that it would ever matter. You didn't want to take people's souls away. Just the thought of doing it again sickened you.
Thor seemed to sense your unease, and with a sigh he came to sit next to Loki and you on the bed, "I know that it must be hard for you to accept, my lady (name), but you cannot refuse to do what your nature demands. It will be your demise if you do."
You shook your head, "But I steal people's souls away from them… Even if it is just a tiny piece, they can't replace something like that. It'll be like I'm taking people away from themselves."
Loki scooted closer to you, wrapping his arms across your midsection and pulling you onto his lap, fingers twining through your hair, "You will learn to live with it, as horrible as that may seem now." He whispered to you, holding you like a mother would to comfort her baby.
Loki spoke above you sometime later, "And where do you think she could possibly be safe?"
"Hel, that is, after all where your daughter is."
Loki stopped moving his fingers through your hair, "And why would I send her to the very place where her mother was imprisoned?"
Thor grunted, "Loki, you're forgetting what else is down there. Something that can actually teach her."
Loki could have face palmed there, you knew it, the way he was silent for almost too long before replying, "And what about getting her down there? The last point of entry to the realm was at the bottom of a lake. And you are much too aware that not even a god can get out of that realm once entered."
Thor shook his head, "Because your daughter did not want them to escape. I wouldn't doubt that she would let you and your lover obtain a safe passage back into whatever realm you choose."
Loki's hand resumed petting your hair, and his lips pressed down to the top of your head for a second, his breath making the top of your head tingle, "There is still a flaw in your plan, Thor, the bifrost doesn't reach that far. Not many can pass through the portal to Hel."
"We will find a way, Loki… The next two days we will search for a way to get through to your daughter's realm."
You smirked and spoke for the first time in a few minutes, "Two days to find one solution in a place without Internet… That's gonna be fun."
Loki scoffed, "We have magic, love, we do not have to leaf though page after page, it will go along quicker than you might think."
You sighed in mock relief, although you liked the fact that you wouldn't have to cramp up your fingers by turning pages all day, "Oh, good…"
Loki chuckled, "You are so used to your human conveniences, (name), I fear for your race as a whole."
"Aw, c'mon, we're pretty smart. You're the ones still stuck in the 1500s."
Loki rolled his eyes with his brother, "We are gods, and we do not need silly Midgardian technology to help us."
"It would certainly be more entertaining if you had Internet. I haven't checked Tumblr in a while…" You grumbled.
Chapter 23.
I'm gonna go take a shower now. Peace off.

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this getting better and better as this story goes along great job!!!Clap :D (Big Grin) 
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Pweeeease when is the new chapter coming uuuuuup??? :o3
EcstasySpirit Jan 12, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Today, hopefully, if I can lock myself in my room long enough to get it done. heheh. ;P
BreeTanner97 Jan 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
If that's what it takes :D I would have finished writing four novels by now :D [boring, though]
I will hope for it to be the bestest chapter yet :3
BreeTanner97 Jan 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh yay:D New chapter!!!
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Lol, okay that last couple of lines were pretty cute.

Yay for updates!
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