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December 30, 2012
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We laid there in a blissful silence, (name)'s beautiful (eye color) orbs wandering over the sky as it darkened into dusk, the lights getting brighter as the sun descended behind the mountains. I sat up when she did a while later after she had suggested we head back inside, I pulled her up with me, her skirts tangling and making her stumble, falling into my arms before she righted herself. I smirked at her, "I thought you had said you had mastered walking in those things?"
She rolled her eyes, "I said walking, Loki, not standing up."
I chuckled, wrapping an arm around her waist, walking over to where she had dropped her crossbow, picking it up and grimacing at the stinging feeling it left in my hand as I handed it to her, eyes glittering with the slightest hint of violet, a small ring of purple still staying around her irises, a very faint tinge of the color, but I could see it like as if it was the sun shining through her eyes. I could see the power running through her almost as if it was palpable, and I could tell that in a matter of weeks she would become as such. She wouldn't need as much time as others, she was special in every sense of the word.
She sighed, rolling her neck around her shoulders, "I don't know why, I'm tired, and I just want to collapse."
I let her head rest on my shoulders, "Of course you would be, love. Would you like me to lay with you until you fall asleep?"
She nodded just barely, and her eyes fell shut before they snapped open again, I chuckle and bent over to pick up her legs, sweeping her up into my arms, a surprised squeak coming from her rosy lips. I pressed a soft kiss to her lips, silencing her as I walked, my eyes every so often falling down back upon her. After the first several times her eyes stayed closed, and her breathing deepened after a short while. Her head lolled to the side, pressing up against my chest, and I felt a sudden jolt of feeling that I hadn't felt in quite a while, and I sure couldn't out a name on it. I almost dropped her for that matter, but I righted myself again and went back the short distance to my chambers. I carried her in through the door gently, afraid that her head might strike the door, but it didn't and I was glad, the last thing I needed was her head bashed in by my chamber door. I set her on the bed like a mother would set a babe in a crib, unlacing the corset gently and setting it to the side, my eyes never once leaving her. My fingertips started for the top of her dress, but I halted, fingertips just inches away from the string that held it to her body. I had undressed many women before, yes, and this particular one had slept next to me in no more than undergarments, so what was stopping me? The chemise under her dress was much like a nightgown, and certainly she wouldn't make a fuss of it, would she? I growled to myself, gritting my teeth and taking hold of the string, pulling it towards me, the slight rustle of fabric pulling against itself giving me shivers. I hated the feeling that even in her sleep this girl could make me unravel. I pulled the rest of the fabric of the dress off of her, gasping in slight relief when I finally pulled the mass of the fabric away from (name)'s body. I folded it loosely and draped it over a nearby chair, wandering to the other side of the bed where I climbed in beside her, the light from the fading sun shining dimly into my windows, some fading rays casting over her skin, making it look as if she was rather a goddess more than the demon she was named after.
I pulled her closer, her head coming close to mine, her soft breaths tickling my skin, arms bundled up and pressed against my chest, my own locked around her body, my eyes wide open and watching her eyes flutter underneath the thin flesh of her eyelids, an arm wandering up her skin and cupping her cheek, thumb grazing across her skin. She looked peaceful, more peaceful than anyone I had ever seen.
She mewled quietly, and I thought I heard my name mixed within those wordless noises, and how sweet it sounded upon her lips when she spoke it! I wanted her to say it over and over again in the exact same manner. I smirked to myself, pressing a kiss to her lips before I settled down next to her, my eyelids shutting and I fell into a dark, dreamless sleep as I lie next to my succubus queen.
The morning light shone bright, casting light all over my chambers, and my eyes landed on (name) when I opened them, dressed and ready, hair falling in waves down over her shoulders, her mouth quirked upwards in a tiny smile. She looked almost too happy, and I sat up with a questioning look in my eyes, "You're feeling better now, I presume?"
She nodded, "Great! I just feel amazing today, actually. I have so much energy today. And I thought if you wanted to you could teach me more magic?"
I looked closer to her, finding purple streaks all through her eyes, her complexion much more vibrant. It was almost like she was bathed with sunlight, that was how vibrant her skin looked… Almost like she had eaten one of Idun's golden apples.
I knew that it wasn't the case though, I stood with a sudden urgency and took her arms, peering deeper into her eyes as if that might give me the answer. "Did you have any dreams last night?"
(name) nodded slowly, her eyebrows knitting together, "O-of course."
"What were they about?" I asked harshly, making her cringe.
She looked off into space, recollecting the memories of the dream she had the night before, she opened her mouth to speak, starting off slow like she didn't know where this conversation was going, "It was just like I was sleepwalking I guess, Juliette was there, and so were some other people… All of them were men, some of them older than the others… It was odd because Juliette told me to take energy from them, I couldn't help myself either, because it was like I was starving all of the sudden, and when I took their neck in my hands  I felt the most amazing rush. It was like they were dying, I could almost see their soul leaving their eyes and even though Juliette told me to keep going I couldn't bring myself to kill them… Oh no, Loki…. That, i-it couldn't have been real c-could it?"
The fear in her eyes could have been a person standing next to us, my hand involuntarily reaching out to place my cold fingertips to her cheek trying at no avail to calm her. I pulled her face up to look back at mine when hers wandered across the floor, her eyes slightly watery. I couldn't dare lie to her at this moment, I couldn't bring my lips, that were accustomed to passing lies that they were like the truth, to tell the lie that would have put her at ease for the time being.
My lips parted slightly, opening to speak only the truth to her, "It is your nature… Succubi feed off of souls. Feed off energy, it is as important to them as water or food is to humans."
She stepped away from me, horror striking her beautiful features, wet tears escaping from her eyes, leaving glistening streaks across her cheeks, covering her face with her hands and sobbing into it, whimpering, "I'm a monster aren't I? Something that people will go out of their way to kill and torture just for being so?"
I barked out harshly, pulling her back into my arms, petting her hair gently, raking my fingers through her (hair color) locks, "No, you are not a monster, not the nightmare that you might think you are."
She shivered in my arms, a sob coming from her throat. A soft knock came from the door, and I broke away regretfully, my hand sliding down to one of hers, tugging her along, growling inwardly at the person who had dared to interrupt us.
(name) wiped her eyes quickly before I opened the door, eyes falling upon a young girl who I knew was a page, she couldn't be anything else from her age, and I knew she was definitely not noble. Her posture and her tanned complexion gave it away immediately, and the way her speech was stunted definitely make even the dullest person aware of her social rank. "The Allfather wishes to see the both of you in his throne room." She spoke as she preformed a deep curtsey. I nodded dismissively, sending her scurrying away, turning back to (name). I knew she didn't favor Odin, I could see the anger and disgust in her eyes when the page had mentioned his name.
The doors opened to the throne room at our entrance, the guards shooting their gazes to (name) until I shot daggers at them with my eyes, making their own eyes return to the floor. I hid a triumphant smirk, even those trained to kill could not match my stare. (Name) came closer to me, lips close to my ear, whispering frantically, "They're all looking at me like a killer."
"I know. Just ignore them, they will do no harm to you, my dear." I whispered back, stopping in front of the throne that my father claimed, and the one that I so gravely wanted myself. I didn't bother with a bow, from the looks of it the Allfather didn't care what I did before he spoke, just that I was there to listen. (Name)'s hand tightened across my own nervously, my own squeezing back in reassurance, waiting almost impatiently for what the old man he had to say.
He looked over the both of us, clear disgust flashing over his face when his eyes wandered over (name), and the worst feeling ran through my veins all at once, my vision flashing red and my free hand curling into a loose fist.
At first he was silent, and then he opened his mouth to speak after a moment of silence, "Last night there was a reported disturbance in my house… I was told that there were several men drained of energy almost to the point of death, their souls ever tainted with darkness. Their is only one thing that could have caused such a thing."
I rolled my eyes, "Are you forgetting that she didn't kill them? Her impulses overtook her, Allfather, she could not control herself enough to resist her hunger."
He held up his hand, "Have you forgotten your oath to me, Loki? You obviously have, considering that when it was time you would find a suitable mentor for this girl, and that she would not come to harm anyone residing in my court!" He finished at a yell, making (name) cringe and sink back behind me just a little farther, afraid of what was to come of her.
I let go over her hand and stepped forward, baring my teeth like a wolf ready to pounce on its prey, "I had not considered that she would have to feed so soon. She is not some animal that needs to be trained, for the gods' sake! You look at her like she is an insect that should be terminated!"
The Allfather glared down at me, "She is an abomination, the spawn of demons and nothing else, and I will not tolerate some demon whore in my court!"
I snarled, bounding up the steps to his throne, unable to stop myself from going at him. I barely heard (name)'s cries of protest as I leapt towards Odin, my hands going for his throat, pulling his face close to mine as I hissed my threats in his ear, "And I, old man, will not tolerate such things said about her. You know nothing about what she is, and you know nothing of what a monster really is. I can show you willingly if you call her such names again. And I can assure you, even your skills as a fighter will be no match to my own. Is that what you really want, 'father'? To be shown the wrath of a man, whose queen was insulted?"
The corners of my mouth pulled up in a smirk, sliding away from him like I was a snake, and (name) avoided my eyes, my head snapping up as the king spoke one last time, "You have three days to get her out of here. I don't want her in this court anymore, I never did, to be honest, but I granted her residence here until she was healed."
I rolled my eyes at him, gripping (name)'s wrist gently and pulling her along out of the room. My rage for that man still burned bright, and it took almost every fiber of my being to not go back in there and snap his neck. However, she stopped me, it was almost like she was transferring a calm into my nerves, and it helped, even if just a little. She stopped me when we were alone again, pulling me to face her, eyes flooded with curiosity, "You shouldn't have threatened him like that."
My eyebrows rose up and into my hairline, "Did you not hear what he said about you? Were your veins not burning with rage? Was your vision not stained the deepest and most bloodiest of reds?"
She shook her head slightly, "Loki dear, of course, but you shouldn't do such a thing. He wasn't going to do anything except sit on his throne and call out names, there is NOTHING he could have managed to do to me."
I blinked hard, sighing, "I'm sorry."
"Don't be sorry. You were just trying to protect me, right?" I nodded, "Then I can't be angry at you for that… Just trying to protect what was yours."
What was mine? I smiled slowly, cupping her face in my hands, not wanting to say anything that might have ruined the moment, glad for the silence that fell upon us once again.
I haven't written a chapter until the 16th? My gods... I've recently begun watching BBC's Sherlock, and I swear, its like falling in love with Loki all over again. Except Sherlock isn't tying to take over the world with an army of Chitauri... Oh well, close enough!

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In your face Odin don't mess with Loki and his woman.CURSE YOU! La la la la Nod :D (Big Grin) 
Larahna-Steadyblade Apr 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
YES! Now I have two reasons to love you! Awesome story in which I may pretend I'm fantastical and Loki's girlfriend, and you like Sherlock! YOU ARE FANTASTICALZ.
When Loki was yelling at Odin I stood up in my chair and shouted "LOKI'D"
PanSasaki Jan 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Heh, I fell in love with Sherlock first, and then falling for Loki was like Sherlock all over again.
thats about all i can muster from that last bit. JUST <3!
BreeTanner97 Jan 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
When is the next chapter coming out???
I just love this fanfic. Your writing is amazing and the detail it just marvelous :))
This chapter is probably my favorite though! Thank you for sharing your work!
BreeTanner97 Dec 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Not a very bad idea, my dear, that must explain what I have all of a sudden lost my interest for normal human food :3 me killsta >:3 ^3^
RooksRookery Dec 30, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I really do adore these LokixReader chapters! :heart: You write them so well, and your ones are the only ones that I will read :D
You really have a talent for writing!
And another fantastic chapter!
EcstasySpirit Dec 30, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
:iconglomprevampplz: Aww, Thank you! I'm always glad that someone like what I do, and it makes me all happy and fluffy inside. ehehe, *twirls you* <33333
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