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December 16, 2012
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Sif's eyes flashed with mischievousness as she smirked at you, "Oh, I will."
You inched closer, smiling like a fool, "Tell me, tell me, tell me!!"
She giggled, smacking you playfully on the shoulder, "He looks at you like you were a Valkyrie that fell from Valhalla, y/n, you should have seen the look in his eyes! I swear he hasn't looked like that since Sigyn!"
You looked at her, a slight frown coming between your h/c brows, "Sigyn?"
She sighed, "And yet again, I forgot… Sigyn was Loki's wife before she…" Sif looked pained to tell you the rest, and you sat silently, urging her on with your eyes in hope that she would finish, "Before she died. Of course, she still lives, even though she lost her life, but Thor gave it back to her… She disappeared after that, and Loki never saw her again. You don't even know how shattered his heart was after that."
You glared at the floor, although it wasn't from what Sif had told you, it was from something different, "I think I have an idea."
Sif made a small noise, and scooted over to hug you, wrapping her arms around you semi-awkwardly, the metal of her armor making small clinking sounds, "Forgive me, y/n, I had no idea."
You half laughed humorlessly, "It's okay, Sif, who hasn't had their heart broken before?"
She sighed, liking the point you made, "People who haven't loved or trusted, I guess. You trusted him?"
You sniffed, "Yes. I did, I loved him too, but he was too busy trying to get a new piece of tail instead of even paying attention to the girl that he had promised his love to."
Sif hissed at your words, "Then he is not a man, but a boy foolish enough to ignore someone like you, why would he risk losing a wonderful woman such as yourself? Even Loki would not be foolish enough to do such a thing."
You blushed shyly at her compliment, "You really think so? But why isn't Loki running after me if he thinks so much of me?" It was sort of a foolish question, and you felt a little stuck up asking such a thing, but it had tumbled out of your mouth before you could stop it.
The Warrior Goddess nodded fiercely, her ponytail swinging back and forth behind her head, "Loki is somewhat hotheaded sometimes, you might have sparked a little of his anger. You forget that he can do many things that he will regret later when he is angered, he doesn't want you to be in his way if something sets him in the wrong direction."
"He will find you and make amends, I can assure you."
You giggled softly, "He'll find us here?"
Sif smirked, shrugging and standing, offering you her hand, which you took as her mouth opened to speak, "He would, but last time he came into my room it was to cut off my hair. I don't trust him; I never did really, in my chambers."
You laughed, even though it really wasn't that funny, "I guess you have a valid reason not to like him, then!"
She chuckled, leading you out her door and down the hall a pace that didn't feel like you were sprinting to keep up with her.
The halls lit up quickly again, and you made sure that you kept track of which way you turned, just in case you wanted to see Sif and you couldn't find her, and so you didn't have to look like an idiot when you had to ask where her room was.
You were getting tired of having to ask for directions all the time.
It wasn't long before the two of you heard another set of footsteps join yours, and soon a figure came from the opposite direction you came from, almost running straight into Loki. You stopped about a foot away from him though, pulling your hands up to your chest up in instinct, your eyes slightly wide from how quickly he had appeared.
Sif stepped away from you two, her hands clasped behind her back, "Loki."
He inclined his head quickly at the goddess, "Lady Sif," He looked at you, taking one of the hands that you had raised and pressing it against his lips, a slight sadness in his emerald eyes as he looked up at you. "Lady y/n," He said softly as he rose from kissing your hand, looking straight into your eyes and never breaking it, like your eyes were his life line.
Sif took that moment to excuse herself, walking quickly down the hallway and turning the corner, and Loki waited until her footfalls faded to no more than a whisper in the distance, "I mean to apologize for how I acted earlier… And I am sorry for keeping such a thing from you." He spoke softly, barely looking at you even though he had you pulled close now, clasping your hands tightly in his bigger ones.
You couldn't still be mad at him, for how he was acting, you just couldn't, "Oh Loki…" You whispered, "You aren't the one who should be apologizing, it should be me. I acted completely foolish when you didn't tell me."
Loki smiled slowly, glancing down at your hand, which still hadn't let go of Lilith's Crossbow, "Did Sif tell you?"
You nodded, repeating a tidbit of what she had told you, "Lilith had her most talented children make her the crossbow so she could get out of Musphielheim and seduce a Jotun king, and enchanted it so when she died it would only respond to her heir." You added quickly after that, "I didn't know you had a daughter."
Loki chuckled, "You didn't do your research then, my dear."He cupped your cheek with his hand, pushing his forehead to yours, "you aren't mad at me are you?"
You shook your head, "If anyone should be mad at anyone, I should be the one asking that question."
Loki smirked, whispering so that only you could hear, "Don't waste your breath asking such a thing, I could never be mad at you."
You giggled like a schoolgirl, shutting up when he kissed you softly, even when he broke away you stayed close, your eyes half lidded, "You're still gonna have to teach me how to use this thing."

"Oooh," Loki blew in your ear, whispering once again, "Try again."
You shivered, "It wouldn't be so hard if you weren't distracting me."
Loki chuckled low, another set of shivers making their way down to your feet, "Shh, just do as I say."
You sighed, trying to ignore Loki's presence that pressed right up against your side, pulling the crossbow off your shoulder, putting in another iron bolt, something that you learned worked just fine with the crossbow, even after Loki had told you it had special bolts that were made out of some odd elements that you didn't bother to remember, and had already forgotten, especially after he told you there were only three that weren't shattered to bits. You reloaded the weapon, pushing it back up into the position Loki forced you into with his arms as influence, closing your left eye as you aimed down the sight, swearing that you would shoot the dummy right between the eyes.
It didn't help that you were picturing it as a walker in your mind, and that Shane and Rick were backing you standing in a sort of circle shape while you fought off a horde of the disgusting things. You smirked, pushing down on the trigger, and instead of your intended target in the middle of the eyes it hit the thing in its left shoulder, and you shrugged, "Well, Lori's definitely a gonner. Sorry Rick, you're gonna have to take care of Carl now."
Loki looked at you like you were crazy, "Who in Odin's name are you talking about?"
You giggled, "If only you and I had watched the Walking Dead instead of Big Bang Theory…"
He muttered something over your shoulder, which you were sure wasn't directed at you, "You Midgardians are odd ones, and your Television shows are even more so. The dead do not walk, they do not crawl. Why are you people fascinated with the prospect of dead people coming back to life?"
You giggled even harder, "Zombies are cool, except for the rotting flesh part, and eating your face off part, but other than that, they're pretty darn cool. And for one, I would love to go crazy on some of those things."
Loki once again muttered over your shoulder, this time in a different language, something that you hadn't ever heard before. You squirmed in his grip; you were getting tired of this one position.
You danced away from him, "What was that?" You laughed, ducking down for a moment to drop Lilith's Crossbow, and take off at a run, lifting up your skirts to reduce the chance of tripping and taking a mouthful of grass, barely keeping out of Loki's reach.
You breathed quickly as you ran through the giant field, knowing that sooner or later you would trip and fall over, slowing and letting Loki catch you in his grip, laughing breathlessly as he kissed your neck, your legs slightly wobbly from the run you had taken, your skirts surprisingly heavy now despite that you were still clutching them in your fingertips, feigning complete fatigue and dropping onto your knees and rolling over, "I'm tired." You giggled, placing your hands over your stomach, your breathing slowing quickly, even though it was still rapid.
"That quickly, hmm? I could have gone all day…" Loki smirked down at you, "I quite like you in that position, dear, all breathless and tired."
You stuck your tongue out at him, "Oh shush and get down here."
Loki chuckled, lying down gracefully next to you on the soft grass, sliding a hand on yours over your stomach, his other one coming to brush a tendril of hair out of your face that had fallen from the French braid you had thrown it together in about ten seconds, "Beautiful…"
You blushed, a tiny smile playing at your lips, moving your hands to thread your fingers through his, a slight tremor running up your spine as her delicately traced the shape of your lips.
You could stay like this forever, you realized, this moment was better than all of the good ones you had shared with your ex by twentyfold, which was a little sad too, but you got over it, he probably didn't remember any of it, probably already had forgotten your name. Which made you wonder, how many times had he tried to get back with you by going to your house?
You pushed that thought out of your mind, turning your gaze up to the endless sky, beholding what was the Asgardian sky. Your eyes wandered across many planets of all different shimmering colors, bright stars shining even through the glare of the sun, and somewhere deep in space you could see Earth, a bright little thing flickering along with the rest of the plants, shining more blue that anything else. You looked over at Loki, motioning up at the sky, "What are they called?"
He smiled, pointing to the farthest one on the left, a bright green one that looked like a never ending forest, an occasional silver glimmer dotting the planet, "That one, is Alfheim, next to that is Vanaheim, Suartalfheim, and Jötunheimr. But the ones that you can't see, the ones below us, are Muspelheim, the realm of Hela, Niflheim, and Nidavellir, those make up the realms that one would call Hell, and here, in the Æsir, is heaven."
You looked across the sky, eyes spanning from Alfheim to Jötunheimr, finding it odd that each of them got darker in color the farther you went, from a light minty green to a dark navy blue that barely shone from the burnt silvery color that streaked across the side of the realm like silver ran through granite.
Loki pulled you closer to him, "If you ever wish to travel to them you will have that desire fulfilled sooner than you would think possible."
You spoke quietly, looking out of the corner of your eye at him, "Y-you mean that?"
"Of course, my queen, I would give you everything if you wished it."
Chapter 21!!!
*sigh* I've been procrastinating all this time, writing other thingies, school (SO glad it gets out this week), and other crap that goes on with life.... Heh, peace out, girlscouts.

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I am a big walking dead fanLa la la la . I am fond Nod  of Daryl as well and I would love to kill zombiesDead (RIP) Braaaaains...  with Loki by my side That would bad ass .Headbang! 
OMG I felt like Daryl and I loved it <333
autumnsky66 Dec 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Hope to see the nnext chap soon! :D
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Me and You the same
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