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December 2, 2012
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The night was late when your mouth opened in a huge yawn for the very first time that night, the soft buzz of the red wine that you had (reluctantly) tried after a brief argument with Loki, not willing to admit that you actually liked the taste of the stuff, although he could probably already tell that you did just by poking around in your mind a little.
Loki glanced over at you, his eyes sparkling with humor, apparently too under the influence to really care what happened in the past, and had started laughing with Thor and Odin, while you idly listened to the many conversations, testing the slight power that you had to zone in on one voice, or multiple if it was a conversation, which you found was utterly cool, especially if you wanted to see what someone was really talking about if they didn't want you to know. That would be incredibly handy, you thought, especially with people here, who apparently couldn't get enough of talking about you, some of them carefully whispered gossip, the others talking about you with an evil gleam in their eyes.
Geez, succubi weren't popular at all, were they?
You wiggled your shoulders back into the steadily backed chair, the plushy cushioning acting like a pillow, your eyes drooping closed just a little before sliding lazily back open, tapping your fingers on the armrests to keep you awake. Loki chuckled and leaned next to you, his silky voice making you shiver, "Are you ready to retire, y/n?"
You barely nodded, opening one eye while the other stayed shut, a half drunken smile forming on your lips, "Yeahh." You drawled softly, covering your mouth with your hand when your mouth widened into a jaw-cracking yawn.
Loki stood, nodding slowly in the other direction to his family, Frigga's eyes glancing to you, the warmth still not disappearing, a little humor in her eyes as you waved lazily to her, standing drowsily upwards, catching your balance against the table before shuffling over to Loki, who took your arm with his, making you stand a little straighter as he lead you through the room, and out the giant doors that were had been propped open hours earlier when a slow trickle of people had started to depart, either to get back to their families, walk out in the gardens, or to disappear with a newfound 'friend', filled with lust that was clear and steady, the feeling radiating crossing the room to settle over yourself, your energy picking up, but fading as soon as they left the room, their strong feelings going along with them. You had missed the feeling almost as soon as it left, a tiny hole forming in your chest, filling back up as soon as you had squashed the longing for it. That was another thing that came along with being a creature like this, the craving for lust was almost like the craving vampires had for plasma. At least, being a vampire would probably be easier than being quite literally, a sex demon, there was more blood running in a person's veins than lust, you wouldn't have to work as hard if the only thing you had to do was whip out a pair of fangs and sink them into somebody's neck.
You subconsciously ran your fingertips over your lips, trying to feel if you had grown fangs too, which was absurd, even if you had, they would be tiny, not long and sharp snakelike ones that vampires had.
A question suddenly sprang up in your mind, you were hooked on the topic of vampires now, and you couldn't help from it escaping your lips, "Hey, Loki, if succubi exist, do vampires do too?"
He turned his head slightly to face you, "You mean those human shaped mosquitoes? I don't understand why they would want to exist, but yes, it is quite possible that they do. Although, I haven't met one, so I can't back that up."
You nodded thoughtfully, looking off into the distance through a window where it showed a dark sky that looked like it was straight out of a science fiction movie, there were shapes of planets in the distance, many taking on the shape of Saturn, some the bright blue of Neptune, millions of stars making the sky sparkle along with the giant circle of a moon, in its fullest phase, the light painting everything over in a ghostly white, the gold catching the light and turning it into a mini light show, your breath catching.
Loki looked off in your direction, smiling slightly, "Has my home caught you eye with its wonders once again, y/n?"
You nodded silently, you were at a loss for words, and you couldn't think of anything to say except, "It's so… pretty."
Loki chuckled, pulling you to a stop and holding you close to him once again, nervous butterflies tumbling around in your stomach, liking the giddy feeling they gave you, he spoke softly, his emerald gaze never leaving your e/c ones, a hand caressing your cheek, tracing your lips with his thumb, his touch cold and warm at the same time, "I can't agree with you, since the most exquisite thing in this room had my eye permanently glued to her, and I can tell you that nothing in any of the nine realms compares to her beauty."
You took in a shallow breath, a slight tremor running through your body. My God, that silver tongue of his…
Before you could register your own actions you were leaning forward to kiss him, eyes becoming half lidded as you pressed your soft lips to his for a slight kiss, not surprised when Loki took your face in both of his hands, deepening the kiss even farther, your own arms sliding around his neck, your lips massaging each others before Loki's tongue demanded entrance into your mouth, glady letting his tongue explore your mouth.
It was much like your first kiss, except this time there were no parents to interrupt the two of you as you kissed deeply.
Or so you thought.
A slight cough interrupted the both of you, jumping back like the both of you had just gotten shocked apart, your eyes going wide as the black haired girl waved innocently at you, blushing and covering her mouth, "Oh, did I interrupt something?"
You grimaced, forcing yourself not to start yelling and running after her, and resisting the urge you pull all that thick, curly hair out of her pretty little head, clenching your hands together in front of you and putting on a smile as fake as your grandmother's teeth, "Ah, little bit. I was just going to bed actually…"
Juliette smirked, a question making her eyebrow rise, she asked it silently, although you could hear it as if she had spoken it out loud, you held up your hands in defense, a shocked look appearing on your face, "Oh, no! It's not what you think! Trust me, Juliette!"
Loki looked at you oddly, his own eyebrow rising, "Who are you talking to, y/n?" He sounded a bit worried as he looked at you, his eyes wandering over your body to make sure that you were okay.
You looked at him the same way he was with you, "You can't see her, she's right there!" You pointed in the direction that the maid was standing in, about fifteen feet away from you.
Juliette stepped back just a bit, shaking her head, her tight curls shaking like they were caught up in a wind, "No! Don't!"
You looked confused for a second, watching her run off in the opposite direction. Your arm fell back you your side, not wanting to run after her, Loki probably already thought that you were crazy enough; you didn't want to add to that level any more than it was already at.
You shook your head, several stray hairs coming undone from your fancy up do, feeling some of the hair pins become a little looser, only adding to your need to get into bed and sleep.
"Take me to your room, now, okay?"
Loki nodded curtly, taking your hands in his bigger, stronger one, leading you along through the lit hallways that didn't have windows in them to let the white light into the golden palace, forgetting how many times you had turned over and over, shaking your head as you came to the doors of Loki's chambers, there was no way that you would memorize the way anytime soon, if ever.
You muttered mostly to yourself, "How you people get through these darn hallways is beyond me."
Loki smirked, "It takes practice, love, you'll know the way sooner than you think, especially if you're going to spend every night in my chambers until further arrangement are made."
You followed Loki through the doors, wanting to fly straight to the bed and fall unconscious until the sun came back around, but unfortunately you had some quite uncomfortable pins to take out of your hair, and let's not forget that lovely dress that suddenly seemed like a silky trap, and you wanted it off with such a passion you almost started undressing in Loki's full view.
You had enough sense to duck behind a screen to undo the many ties of the dress that you had on, sighing with a great relief as the constricting weight of the dress fell off your shoulders, and only then realizing you had nothing else to put on, bringing your palm to your face, your head ducking out from behind the screen to land on Loki's back, completely and utterly exposed, biting your lips as you stared at him obsessively, ducking back and leaning against the wall so you wouldn't fall over.
A shaky breath escaped your lips, clenching your hands into fists. Okay, you had to get over yourself, you had seen Loki without his shirt off before, and you had contained yourself then, why in the hell were you acting like an obsessed fan girl now, wanting to pounce on him and just do everything you wanted to him.
You hissed inwardly, ah, of course, that little part about sex demon, that was why.
You were already starting to get sick of what you were.
Well, at least there was no urge to walk out in your underwear in front of him, that was good, there would be a problem if you wanted to, although a tiny bit of longing remained in your gut, and you put an imaginary match to the thing and hoped that it would burn up into tiny little ashes so you could step on them. No way were you going to lose your head over this man. This incredibly hot, gorgeous, silver tongued man…
Shut up you little succubus!
"y/n, are you alright?" Loki called from behind the screen, making you jolt just a little, I mean who wouldn't? You were just knocked, thankfully, out of your train of thought and back into the real world, even more successfully clamping down your desire to take hold of Loki and never, ever let go.
You swallowed nervously before speaking, edging off the wall and away from it a couple inches. "Mmmhm," you voiced, your lips shut in a straight line, 1ringing just a little when you looked back down at yourself, "I'm ahh, currently lacking in the pajama department."
"What?" He started, taking a few seconds before he spoke again; you could almost see him start to smirk, "That's quite unfortunate, love, and I'm very sure you don't want to sleep in that dress of yours, do you?"
"Uh, no way, and I'm not going to sleep in my underwear next to you."
"Oh please, it isn't like you're sleeping naked next to me; at least you'll have some coverage!"
He had a point, a really good one too, and the fact that you were going to pull those blankets as tight as they could go around you too would make even more in that case. You still didn't like the fact that you were going to have to walk to the bed to do it, in front of Loki. Who knows what would happen then?
You sighed in defeat, crossing your arms over your chest protectively, and then poking your head out and finding that Loki wasn't standing, but lying on the bed, almost as if he was posing, most of his chest revealed to you, the rest, was well, hidden by the green silk of the comforter that looked almost like water the way it fell off the sides of the bed and scraping the floor, pooling at the very bottom like at the very end of a waterfall. Loki looked at you almost expectantly, rolling his eyes when you didn't make a move, he spoke with a slightly annoyed tone in his voice, "Well? Are you just going to stand there with your head poking out like a snooping child, or walk out and fear not that my eyes are upon you? Because well, the sooner you get in bed, the sooner you can fall asleep, is that not what you wanted?"
"Only if you close your eyes," You grumbled, not expecting his eyelids to flutter shut, an eyebrow rising and his mouth moving as he spoke slowly.
"I'm not going to wait all day dear, you'd better get going before I decide I've had enough of this silly game."
You slipped out from behind your protective cover, walking on the balls of your feet to the other side of the bed, opposite of where Loki was lying, flipping back the sheets with one hand as you repeated to yourself, this is just like the first time, don't freak out y/n, you've got this, just lie down and it'll be over by morning… It seemed a little silly to you, but it made your body just a little easier to make it do what you wanted it to, and you made it all the way under the covers before Loki opened his eyes, an amused smile appearing on his face as he glanced over what you hadn't covered yourself up with, which was really only half of your neck and the whole of your face.
You shrugged, looking back at him, "What? You didn't say anything but to get in bed."
He chuckled, shimmying down to rest his head on the many pillows at the head of the bed, his eyes flickering to you and then back up to the ceiling, his fingers moving intricately as the lights got even dimmer, eventually becoming fully extinguished and leaving you two shrouded in the darkness of the room.
"That is awesome." You marveled, turning onto your side, but still keeping some distance between the two of you.
"Yes, I suppose it is. It's quite simple really… But I'll explain it to you later, rest now, y/n."
It really wasn't all that hard to fall asleep, the bed was amazing, you felt like you were sleeping on a cloud, if that wasn't cliché enough, and the pillows were just the right fluffiness, not too fluffy, and not too hard. You found yourself drifting off to dreamland in what seemed like a minute. And it was quiet too; you had grown used to the many noises that went on about at night, extremely happy when you almost expected that your neighbors Chihuahuas were going to start yapping like crazy. The only sound that you could hear was the sound of Loki's relaxed and slow breathing, which barely even touched your ears from how soft it was.
It wasn't long either before dreams started to float around in your unconscious mind, the odd shapes and blurred reality confusing and entertaining you, yourself jumping almost twenty feet in the air on a trampoline, and then getting swept off by flying penguins, which carried you off to a giant skyscraper somewhere in New York, the whole view of the city right where you could see it, off in the distance there was that giant building that you all too well identified as Stark tower, the ever gleaming building catching the sun and making a harsh glint in your eyes, making you shield them to look away.
And then you felt your feet start to slide, and the penguins which had so happily carried you here before were gone, not a black or white feather in sight, expect for a few pigeons in the distance that were cocking their heads to the side as they watched you, no expression whatsoever in their eyes.
Your fingernails scratched at the metal surface, yelping in pains when your sensitive fingertips touched the hot metal, making nasty looking welts on the skin, which made you wonder, why weren't your feet burning? Even though they were covered by sneakers, shouldn't the soles be melting off?
But this was dream world, nothing really made sense, even when your back hit the edge of the roof, it didn't react quite as badly as your bare skin had, still you could feel the burn, but it was nothing compared to the blistering pain on your hands, which had slapped down despite your best efforts and now were bleeding and cracking like a desert. Your screams drew no one's attention, even though it echoed through the city, bouncing off the concrete only to become amplified once again, the screams never dying, only reaching back to you to become stronger with another scream as you finally toppled off the edge, your fingers to bloody and cracked to do much good except hurt even more, your face looking back up at the sky which had taken on a red hue, just like the color of the blood that ran down your fingertips in heavy waves, much more than you had ever seen come out when you had ever cut yourself on anything.
You got your bearings enough to flip yourself over, facing the fast approaching concrete that waited below, surprised to find that no people walked here, only around the place that you knew that you were going to land and go splat like a water balloon.
You didn't go splat though, instead, a giant hole opened up in the ground, the portal ringed with fire, and beyond that were black rocks that looked like they could catch fire any second, only doing so after you passed them, almost like it was sealing you in, trapping you so you could never get out, a longer fall making you just want to end this dream, but no matter how hard you tried, your eyes just wouldn't open.
Were you going to hell? It certainly looked like it…
But you weren't dead, no, not at all, this was just a bad dream, and you would wake up, wouldn't you?
Just before you were about to hit the ground your eyes flew open, and you jerked up just a little, breathing fast, your hair matted to your face from the sweat that covered your neck, face, and shoulders.
Loki was eyeing you cautiously, you hadn't noticed him either until his hand reached out to touch your shoulder, pulling you just a little closer, pushing your wet hair back behind your ears and out of your face, his eyes scanning your face, "It's okay, it was just a dream."
You whimpered, remembering how badly your hands had bled, a phantom feeling making your hands ache, not going away even when you looked down at them, closing them into fists, "Yeah, I know…"
Loki wrapped his arms around you, and you didn't care that you were half naked, you just wanted to feel of his arms around you, you wanted to feel of another person right now, a soft sigh escaping your lips, welcoming the cool of his touch, seeming to bring your body's nervous heat back down to something that wouldn't qualify as lava hot.
"I know not what haunted you in your dreams, y/n, but I'll make sure that they never come to haunt you ever again." Loki whispered, his fingertips grazing softly over your overheated skin, leaning even closer to him, staying silent, this was really almost too good to be true, and you didn't want to screw it all up by saying something stupid.
It was a while after that that the two of you finally fell back asleep, with Loki's arms around you they almost acted like a shield, and that horrible experience of falling off that skyscraper and down into whatever hell hole that had formed in front of you didn't come back, your dreams as dark as the room you were in, a warm peacefulness falling over the both of you as the night turned into dawn, the night ending and the sun rising up over the horizon once more to being a new, and hopefully better, day.
*sigh* finished!
I don't really have much to say... Except I'm hungry, and well, I'm gonna go eat now, so bye! hee.

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what a dream, glad Loki was there to hold me.Hug Huggle! 
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Humam shaped misquitos??? I cried laughing for like 20mins lol
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Oh wow... Haha. XD
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