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October 28, 2012
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The rest of the day was spent sitting down in the library with absolutely no interruptions. Sif must have told them not to bother me, you thought.
You had a stack of books in front of you, ranging from about a hundred pages thick, to a few thousand. How much stuff had been compiled on the succubi? A lot, apparently, you even found someone's journal, going on about how his recent dreams and feelings made him believe that he was being used by a succubus named Miranda.
All of this stuff, about everything almost scared you. But you kept pressing on, you had already started and you surely weren't going to stop.
You were reading another one on your way out, several books tucked under your arm, somehow successfully carrying them all without dropping them on your feet.
You flipped the page with your thumb, stopping almost entirely when you read the first paragraph, 'A female succubus is extremely delicate when she awakens from her sleep, she must be kept from crowded areas to decrease the chances of her accidentally taking away another's energy with her newfound power, and should not be introduced to taking souls at least until she is ten full moons old. A newborn succubus is also unaware of her power, and must learn how to control it alone.'
WHAT?! Okay, first it was bad enough, being told you were a succubus, but now you had to follow all of these rules too?
You shut the book with such force the slap echoed through the empty hall. You sighed, unsure of where the sudden anger had come from.
You set the newly closed book under your arm with the rest of them, deciding to drop them off into your room or Loki's really, if you were still going to share the same room. Probably not, if anyone other than Loki had his way.
You tried to find your way through the labyrinth of halls, getting lost several times, even coming back to the first place you started in, at least until somebody found you.
She was tall and lanky, short, curly black hair just barely touching her shoulders, a dark purple dress covering her. She smiled at you timidly, while you eyed her curiously. "Hey. Do you know the way to Loki's room?"
"Of course, I shall take you there if you wish." She was quiet, a sweet voice really, and spoke to you like Sif did, kindly.
"Cool. Lead the way." You said, following her as she darted through the halls, and even though she had a dress on, she walked like she had pants. "How in the world do you walk without tripping?"
She shrugged, not breaking her pace, "You get used to the fabric on your legs trust me. And I'm not wearing a skirt as big as yours."
It was true, the dress wasn't as fluffy as yours, and hers flowed off her hips like some sort of liquid, and she carried it just above her ankles. Figures, you thought.
You were about to pick up your dress, but you stopped when you realized the books were in your way. This was about the same time the girl in front of you stopped, eyebrows furrowing when she saw your predicament.
"Do you wish me to hold them so you may walk easier?" She asked her voice like honey.
"Oh, yes please!" You handed the books to her, watching her face turn into a surprised look, and then settling back to what it was before. "Are you sure you can handle that weight? I can carry some too, if you want."
She shook her head, tight curls bouncing, "No, no. I am strong, you mustn't worry about me."
You nodded a tad reluctantly, looking around you in the big hallway, again, it looked like all the other ones, except now it was beginning to get wider, and a few more people walked this hall. She followed your look, "Loki's room is close, and it is most likely he isn't here. For it is almost dinnertime."
"Oh cool. I'm actually kinda hungry." You said, noticing the slight pinch in your stomach for the first time.
She looked down at your stomach, then back up to your eyes, no negative reaction coming from her when she looked into them, instead you could feel a slightly happy vibe coming from her. "Do you wish me to drop these off for you? And then I shall help you prepare for dinner?"
"Yeah, sure," You said, thinking that 'preparing for dinner' meant something along the lines of changing clothes.
You were wrong, she came back without the books, as she promised, and lead you not back to Loki's room, but to another one, a ways away from where Loki's room was the hallways becoming even more perfumed than they already were.
She opened the door for you and led you inside with a flourish of her hand, while you silently took in the whole room. It had a very high ceiling, and up the curving ceiling was a bunch of paintings of various flowery vines, and some coming down from the top of their ceiling, some of the vines encased in curls made of gold and silver sparkles, barely touching the water that lay in front of you.
And the water itself shone like diamonds, the rocks placed around it a deep black, almost like they were made from onyx itself. The lights from the many sconces refracted in the steam from the water, casting tiny rainbows across the whole place. It looked like a place where fairies would live; you could hardly believe your eyes.
Your eyes explored the rest of the room, and you found chairs and dividers on the edge of the room, all edged in gold. You almost jumped when you saw yourself in one of the walls, only realizing it was a mirror that hung on the marble wall.
"It is quite beautiful isn't it?" The girl said, appearing next to you.
"Yeah," You said, looking back up at the ceiling, realizing with a start that you didn't know the girl's name, "What's your name? I never caught it."
"Juliette." She said, "I am a maid in the Allfather's household."
"That's a pretty name." You complimented, a rosy pink blush appearing on Juliette's flawless porcelain skin.
She smiled at the floor, her feet shuffling, "Thank you, y/n."
It was the first time she used your name, and it kind of creeped you out, because you hadn't even said it either. "How do you know my name?"
"Everyone knows your name, Loki has made it so, and even if I didn't, I'm telepathic, and I could have gotten it easily." She shrugged off the mention that she was telepathic, like everyone these days could read people's minds.
"So, like Loki?"
She shook her head, "No. I can influence people with just my mind. I can talk to them, sort of. Loki can only do such things with his eyes. He cannot attack one's mind, only control it and make them his puppet to attack themselves, and I have no use for magic other than telepathy."
I looked at her in surprise, "Awesome."
She laughed, "I will leave you now to bathe. I will come back with your clothes for tonight."
You leaned your head back into the water with your eyes closed, letting your hair get wet, running your fingers through your h/l hair. It had been forever since you had taken a bath, you hadn't really done that after you started fifth grade. The water was perfect, and as Juliette had explained to you, it would never get cold, even if you were in it for hours.
You ran your hands over your face, rubbing your temples. You spanned your arms out across the surface of the water, letting yourself float in the small current that went through the pool. Your eyes were closed as you floated, small beams of light casting orange, red, and yellow lights across your eyelids, dancing across them in many different patterns.
Before you could fall asleep in the water from the immense relaxation you felt you sat back up, and made your way to the edge of the pool, feet landing in something smooth and shiny, your eyebrows shooting up into your hairline in surprise when you say the many different colored jewels, ranging from diamonds to sapphires to emeralds to opals.
You avoided the temptation to pick one up and keep it for yourself, specifically a rounded diamond that looked just about half the size of your palm. Lifting yourself up and out of the water and again raising your eyebrows in surprise as the water beads disappeared from your skin, your hair becoming lighter without the weight of the water keeping it down, becoming smooth and silky to the touch.
Holy crap, this was awesome, you thought, pulling a robe around your shoulders just as Juliette slipped back in the door, another box in her hand. Her gaze came up to you, meeting your eyes before falling to your feet. "Was it was good as I told you?"
You sighed in content, "Better. I want something like this on earth."
She chuckled, "You don't have bath rooms on Midgard?"
"Nope, we have bathrooms, but none are like this, and most of them aren't as big." You said, looking at the box in her hand, "That for me?"
She nodded, "I think you'll like it a little better than what you were wearing earlier."
Juliette held out the box to you, taking the top off of it so you could look inside. Of course, it was another dress, but it was made from a soft looking fabric that you couldn't name, and it was a deep emerald color, reminding you of vaguely of Loki's armor. "This does look better than what I was wearing earlier. And it doesn't look like I'll fall over when I'm walking."
She smirked, "Dresses like this are much easier to walk in, I promise, even if you do have a habit of stepping on the fabric."
She helped you into the dress, tightening the black ribbons on your back so the dress didn't fall over. This dress was most certainly different, and it was really comfortable, the material felt like a blanket over your skin, without the overwhelming heat that came with it after you had had it on for a few hours.
You were about to turn around but Juliette stopped you, turning you so your back was to her once again, and you felt her slender fingers comb through your hair, twisting it into an elegant pattern quickly and skillfully, a soothing relaxation going through your being as she worked, the gentle tug of her fingers as they went through your hair, almost sad when she stopped turning you around to face her. Juliette smiled, patting your cheek softly, "Perfect," she murmured, turning you towards a mirror to look at yourself. You looked absolutely beautiful, like Juliette had somehow made you twenty times prettier while she was doing your hair.
"Holy crap. How did you do that?" You breathed, smiling at your reflection.
She smiled at you warmly, "You are already so pretty, you didn't need any help with that."
"Oh stop it." You blushed.
She giggled, "Come on, y/n. Let's go to dinner before we're late."
Woah, two chapters in one day? What is this madness? Mehh, I felt a little guilty for not posting in four days or however long I never even did anything on here except read other people's fics. So, two. I have absolutely nothing to say...


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this is getting better and better.Clap 
.. i know it doesnt have anything to do with this chapter or matter at all... I know im an awesome liar! I have been reading this for the past nearly two hours (i had to take breaks to avoid getting caught) i convinced my family im doing my homework... i didnt have homework. :)
Your physical description of Juliette is literally me. Haha. I have black, shoulder length, tight, curly hair. And I'm quite tall, haha! :)
EcstasySpirit Aug 30, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Oh wow. Awesome. haha. I was making her myself, in a way, because when I wrote this chapter I had black hair, and it was often curly back then. haha
marali-eyrina-amirya Jan 24, 2013  Student General Artist
lol pancakes.....
I'm a bit leery of Juliette too, but I want there to be allies/friends for "me"

And where is Loki... I would have thought he would have at least tried to communicate with "me" in some way even if it wasn't by coming and looking for "me"
EcstasySpirit Oct 29, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
He was otherwise preoccupied.... We'll definitely find out what he was doing at dinner now won't we? >:)
ok I should just trust you, the writer, with what is going on... sorry
ok hit the wrong smiley thing there... sorry ignore the "teasing"... dunno what I was going for. (I suck)
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